FAI conclave in Franchise Growth and Development Summit:

July 19-20, 2011, Hyatt Regency, New Delhi
Images Franchising Management and Franchise Mind Corporation initiate the first franchise training program to introduce International standards to the Indian franchise Industry. The objective of the program is to help Franchise companies.

  • Operate on global standards of excellence
  • Have Exceptional operating results
  • Achieve phenomenal growth

Date Program Topics Covered
Day 1-18 Triggers to grow your franchise company (A foundation course)

  • Framework to 4 pillars for building a successful franchise company
  • Understand business lifecycle.
  • 18 Growth triggers in growing your franchise company
  • Identify opportunities for growth.
  • Identify barriers
  • Create an action plan.

Day 2-Successful franchise development Franchise Mind development system consisting of five essential components

  • Learn to set proper development goals.
  • Learn to build a franchise profile
  • Learn to create a core story.
  • Learn to create a marketing process that creates more leads and produces more qualification forms.
  • Learn to create an effective recruitment process.
  • Learn skills that will make your development system more efficient and effective.

Value Additions:-
This Franchise training program is being endorsed by Institute of Certified Franchise Executive(ICFE) for earning credits to become Certified Franchise Executive(CFE)Franchise mind corporation :- A USA based franchisor Support Company that takes a holistic approach to provide knowledge of proprietary frameworks, mentorship and guidance to franchise companies.
Program Credit Points:-
Day 1: Session 200
Day 2: Session 300
Images Franchising management:-
A joint initiative by Images group and Inventure to provide a plate form with International standards to the franchising industry
Speaker: Harish Babla, CFE
Managing Director Franchise mind Corporation,
A fourth generation successful entrepreneur, a business visionary, an inspiring leader, and an advocate for franchise and family owned businesses. Harish believes that business must be conducted with the highest standards of excellence and with an unwavering passion to serve the customer.
Program Fee:-
18 triggers to grow your franchise company: INR 9,000
Successful franchise development: INR 9,000
Entire summit: INR 15,000