Educating For Excellence

          FAI and The Institute of Certified Franchise Executives (ICFE) in the US have tied up to launch the Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) program in India. The ICFE is governed by a peer-led board of directors, who themselves have completed the CFE program and includes representatives from academia. To be awarded the CFE designation, individuals must complete an extensive course of study, and meet experience, participation and ethics requirements as established by the ICFE board of governors. The CFE program offers franchise executives an established curriculum taught by recognized experts in the field.

Certified Franchise Executive Program (CFE)


Q. What is a Certified Franchise Executive?

          Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) is on-going professional education in the franchise sector. It is designed to maintain and improve technical knowledge, professional and management skills and to ensure adherence to industry “best practice” standards at all times. CFE underpins and supports skills of existing and new entrants to the franchise sector and keeps you up-to-date with the latest legislation and industry practices; tailored to different specialist areas and levels of experience. Address the need for lifelong learning (Recertification every three years).

Key Purpose of CFE

  1. • Maintain and improve technical knowledge and professional skills.
  2. • Provide the franchise market with confidence in the professional standards of franchising in India.
  3. • Elevate the public perception of franchising through improved professional standards.
  4. • Gain recognition for CFEs who meet professional “best practice standards”.

Benefits of becoming a CFE

  1. 1. Expanded Knowledge
  2. 2. Peer-level networking
  3. 3. Professional standing
  4. 4. Industry recognition
  5. 5. Improved performance



Q. How to become a CFE?

          A minimum of 3500 credits is required to earn the Certified Franchise Executive™ (CFE) designation. CFE Candidates earn credits that are applied toward certification. These credits are earned in the following four areas:

  1. • Education
  2. • Participation
  3. • Experience

1) Experience (500 Credits Maximum)
          This area allows credit for past experience gained through work or training experiences in the area of franchising. CFE candidates will earn 100 credits (to a maximum of 500) for each year of work experience in franchising. CFE candidates may earn a maximum of 500 credits for experience in career/work experiences as a franchisor, franchisee, or other franchising professional experience.

2) Participation (500 Credits Maximum)
          This area will provide practical experience gained from participation in Global events conducted by the International Franchise Association (IFA-USA) as well as events of the Franchising Association of India (FAI). CFE candidates may earn a maximum of 500 credits:

  1. 1. Membership in IFA or membership in other national franchise association (FAI) recognized by the World Franchise Council (WFC) (100 credits per year)
  2. 2. IFA Annual Convention or other approved franchise association event (100 credits)
  3. 3. IFA Franchise Appreciation Day (100 credits)
  4. 4. IFA Franchise Business Network (50 credits per meeting)
  5. 5. Women in Franchise Network (50 credits per meeting)
  6. 6. International Franchise Expos (IFE) (50 credits per event)

3) Education (2500 Credits Minimum)
          Education credits are earned by taking ICFE approved courses or sessions that cover fundamental skills and Knowledge considered essential for a franchise executive. These topics include:

  1. • Diversity
  2. • Economics, Accounting or Financing
  3. • Franchisee Recruitment and Training
  4. • Franchisor/Franchisee Relations
  5. • Franchise Law Regulations
  6. • Human Resource Management
  7. • Management & Operations
  8. • Marketing
  9. • Technology
  10. • Other interest areas



Q. How to apply for credits?

          CFE credits will be granted to a CFE candidate for ICFE approved courses or seminars up to one year prior to the time that the CFE candidate enrolled in the CFE program. CFE applicants who request CFE credits for courses or seminars that were taken prior to the time the course was approved by the ICFE Board will not be approved. CFE credits will only be granted for courses or seminars taken if they were approved at the time the individual took the course or seminar. Candidates should contact the ICFE Coordinator on a regular basis to ensure all course work credits have been posted to their record. Final approval and granting of the CFE designation is made by the Institute's Board following a review of each candidate's application and course work. Candidates must complete all requirements by January 10th of the year in which they expect to receive their CFE designation. CFE certificates are awarded to CFE graduates at the FAI Convention in their Annual Event each year. Graduates may use the CFE designation following the Annual Convention.

Education Credit
          When a candidate registers with the ICFE for an ICFE approved course, credit is automatically granted for that course, contingent upon attendance. When attending an approved session, the CFE candidate must submit written documentation supporting attendance at the approved session and requesting appropriate CFE credits.

Participation Credit
          Candidates must inform the ICFE, in writing, of attendance at ICFE approved events in order to receive proper credits.

Experience Credit
          Experience credits are granted at the time of application. Periodically, candidates will receive an ICFE statement showing the candidate's current status of CFE credits. Candidates should carefully review this statement. Any discrepancies, additions or deletions should be reported, in writing, to the ICFE office.

Q. How to apply for CFE?

1) Enrol yourself with FAI
          Applications may be completed online at or applicants may also mail their application to the
Franchising Association of India, B-510 5th floor, Sagar Tech Plaza, Sakinaka, Andheri- East.

2) Gain credits and inform to FAI
          You will choose among the many credit opportunities to satisfy the program requirements. You will gain credits by participating in approved courses and attending other learning events.

3) Once you acquire 3500 credits you will be certified as CFE
          Candidates must complete all requirements prior to the year in which they wish to graduate. Graduation takes place annually at the FAI Convention in New Delhi. The date by which credits must be completed will generally occur in January.


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