LifeSpan clinic

About The Company:

Lifespan Clinic has a clear set of standards to be maintained across locations. Its agenda includes training, educational materials, and the latest patient care procedures including electronic medical records. Ashok has put a special emphasis on support systems. In addition to personal consultation, clients can get help through e-mail, web chat, phone and video-conferencing.
The mission is to help those with prediabetes to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes, and to help diabetics to keep away its complications, and maintain their productivity and quality of life


Investment Details
Master Investment Amount in Rs.
Rs. 20Lac - 30Lac
Single Investment Amount in Rs.
Not Mentoined
Operations Commenced On

No. Of Franchises:

Franchise Outlets

Franchise Cost:


Establishment in year:

Area Required:

Area Required Space
700-1000 s ft
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